Monday, November 21, 2016


Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I appreciate you. Within the last few weeks, I have received emails from women I don't know asking me to matchmake them, with any good man I know. I have NO idea why THEY CHOSE me. I don't know what makes these ladies choose to send me private messages on social media. As the messages kept coming, I had to address the issue. In this video, I gave 5 reasons why I'm very bad at matchmaking. I hoped it would open these women's eyes that I'm NOT a matchmaker and THIS I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE! Before you watch the video, here are two of five reasons I'm very bad at matchmaking:
1. I tend to think that every nice lady is a great match for every nice guy. About 3 years ago, I tried matchmaking two nice people I know and it ENDED up badly! Still didn't learn my lesson. I tried it with another set of people I knew and it still failed. The men and the ladies were nice as individuals but as a couple, they didn't work.

2. I expect every relationship to work out. I know, it's a character flaw. It's just that I believe the best of every situation. I don't know how successful matchmakers do it but I used to stress out over relationships I had a hand in creating not working out.
So ladies, before you expect me to hitch you with your future man, think twice. I have NEVER nor do I think that I will ever succeed at matchmaking anyone. Alright, that's it. Thanks for reading. Be sure to watch the video for more on this topic.