Sunday, December 25, 2016


Hello wonderful, amazing, lovely and sweet friends. Hope you all are having an amazing Christmas Day celebration? I am very thankful for my family and you; my friends who make it exciting for me to be a blogger/vlogger. I pray that you are BLESSED with everything that your hearts desire and then some! My friends, God is great and this season just made me realize that so much more. I'm grateful for my family, good health, food to eat, shelter to live and good people. With everything that I have to be thankful for, I know that the other things my heart desires will be taken care of in due time. instead of worrying about what's left to be answered, I will praise God until my heart is full. Let's not allow our unmet needs/wants keep us from being thankful for the met needs/wants. May God bless you all ABUNDANTLY in Jesus Name! I can't sign off without praying that we all have a BOUNTIFUL and CELEBRATORY NEW Years in Jesus Name! God bless you and keep smiling!