Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I have to tell you, 2017 has started off RIGHT! I can't help but give God praise for it. Okay, so I have been trying to stay motivated in order to get a whole lot accomplished this New Year, but sometimes feel lazy. Okay maybe not entirely lazy. My sweet baby seems to always need my attention and seems to want to play or hang out with his mama whenever mama has plans! He is so cute; which makes it even harder for me not to leave everything that I am doing to play with him. For someone who has a lot to do, I have to get my discipline gears on because ain't nothing getting done in the house, if every time the sweet baby calls, mama drops EVERYTHING to answer the call. *LOL*! Thank God for the supportiveness of my sweet man. Which makes it easier. I think I still need to work hard on myself, to not always hurry to the baby whenever he starts yelling while hanging out with daddy. Okay, this whole blog is stuff that has been going on with me and in my head. If you're a mom reading this, how do you cope with your children, while trying to meet your deadlines? I currently have one child and it seems like I could never get anything done. (SHAKING MY HEAD)* What will happen to me and my chores and work when there are 3-4-5 kids running around? Lord Jesus please be a shield! All you strong women out there with many children, I hail una wella!! I admire y'all and appreciate your strength and superhuman nature. How do you do it? Oh boy! I have A LOT to learn and more prayers to pray! Because ONLY God gives the kind of grace to be a parent! God bless us all! Amen!!
Now you know my thoughts. This blog is my life in a nutshell. How do you stay sane with a loud crying, screaming baby? I have learned to either scream along or laugh out loud. Especially when I know it's a pretend cry. Babies are fascinating and the biggest tricksters. I mean, they have just been fed, cleaned and put in a dry clean diaper. In addition to their favorite toy. What more could they ever want?! Oh wait! They want your attention and if they don't get it, they will drive you CRAZY until they get it. I just love it! Not always! However, I love it because it makes me see how AMAZING GOD is to create such smart, beautiful, small, loud, rambunctious and amazing humans. Okay I'm going to stop here. It's a blessing being a mother and I wouldn't TRADE it for the WORLD! Thanks for reading this! Have an amazing New Year!