Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Hey friends. Welcome to my blog. How is your day going thus far? My prayer is; it's going great for you and your loved-ones. I thought about you this morning. I know that we all need encouragement sometimes. So here's some encouragement to keep you energized and hopeful. If you're going through a hard time right now, I want you to know that it WON'T last always! This too shall pass! However, there are things- deliberate things that you must do, to shorten your season of hardship. 1.
You must change the things you say to yourself. Your personal confessions must align with where you desire to be. If every time things go wrong, you find yourself saying that you will always have troubles, YOU NEED TO CHANGE that! Your words have the power to either bring change or keep you STUCK! I have learned, that each time you tell yourself that things will never change for the better, such resolve kills the will to fight for change. Make that decision today to WIN!
If you're trying to chase a new dream or even get out of a hardship, you need to LIMIT the amount of time spent around people who tell you that you can't do it. Sometimes those who are closest to us are our BIGGEST enemies. They really don't wish or want the best for us. They have become so comfortable with living like mediocres, so much so that they want you to resolve to NEVER make it out! The way to break out of such company is to just do it. Look for people who believe and encourage the best in you. It can be hard to cut them off completely but you can limit the amount of time spent around them.
PRAY about EVERYTHING! This should be the number one but it's okay because every point made here is equally important. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, there SPIRITUAL forces fighting your progress and growth. You have got to PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING! Don't pray once and stop. Do it without ceasing! Prayers have given me more victories than my work. To clarify the previous point, I'M NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD PRAY AND NOT PUT IN THE WORK THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY. You need to pray for God's protection, guidance and wisdom. Then pray about every step you're planning to take in the direction of your dreams.
You've got to have FAITH! You can pray from today till tomorrow but won't see any results if there's NO FAITH! A prayer of FAITH will take you farther than you could ever imagine. Have faith in God, that He will bless you and make your dreams a reality. My prayer for you today is that God will bless you and increase you and cause His face to shine upon you IN JESUS NAME! AMENNNNNNN
This brings us to the end of this post. I hope this blessed you! Have a great day and remember that I am rooting for you!