Sunday, February 5, 2017


Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hope that your day and month is off to a great start?! On January 28, 2017, we had our first Food Drive to the homeless in Downtown Atlanta. Boy, it was a HUGE SUCCESS! We had some amazing volunteers who gave their heart to the cause and contributed to the Success of the day. Looking back from where I'm sitting (the edge of my bed), while I type this message, I still am in awe of how amazing everything turned out. I prayed to God for help and HE CAME THROUGH!

It took us about 2 weeks to plan and the shopping trips were spread out to a few days. Each time, God provided everything we needed and most of all, He provided the passion and dedication we needed to keep working, even when we were physically and emotionally exhausted.

We set out to feed 70 homeless men, women and children but ended up feeding almost a hundred! Isn't God amazing?! We feel very honored and blessed to be in a position to impact our community. We only hope that our work would inspire you to do the same for your community. We want to especially thank those of you who contributed to this success through your prayers, donations and time! God bless you! Please join us and let's change the world together! Your donations will impact lives! Here are some pictures and the video that highlights all of the work that we put into our Drives;